Statement of the Munduruku

Why are we Munduruku here?

Early this morning (Sunday, July 16) we, the Munduruku people of the upper
and middle Tapajós River and the lower Teles Pires River, began a peaceful
occupation of the São Manoel Hydroelectic Plant construction site. We
number 200 indigenous people—among us chiefs, women, shamans, leaders,
warriors, and children—and we are here representing 138 Munduruku
villages to assert our rights.
This action was proposed during the second meeting of Munduruku women,
“Aya Cayu Waydip Pe,” which took place May 8-10 in Santa Cruz village,
Jacareacanga (Pará). The principal problems discussed during this meeting
were all matters resulting from the construction of the Teles Pires and São
Manoel dams.
Our sacred sites
(the Seven Falls Waterfall) and
(Mountain of the Monkeys) have been violated and destroyed. Our rivers, the
Tapajós and the Teles Pires, are dying. Our rights, which are guaranteed by
the Federal Constitution and which only came to exist in that document after
much indigenous blood had been spilled, are being violated. Not even our
right to prior consultation has been respected.
We cannot forget our relative Adenilson Krixi Munduruku, murdered in
November 2012 by the Federal Police in Teles Pires village during Operation
Eldorado. We demand justice!
After hearing the concerns of Munduruku women we decided to be here
peacefully in the site of the São Manoel dam, out of pain and sorrow. We are
not invaders here. The only invaders are the government and the companies
responsible for these dams being constructed in the Teles Pires River.
We, the Munduruku people, are here in one of our most sacred locales. We
know that our struggle is legitimate, as we are fighting for our rights that
have been clearly violated by the construction of these dams. We hope that
our list of demands will be answered, and we will not leave until this

All aid in support of our struggle is welcome.
The Munduruku People
July 16, 2017