> EU-Ukraine Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area

Overview of Key Elements

Ch.1 ‘Special conditions will apply for five years to second-hand clothing.’ Specifically, clothing left behind by fleeing immigrants.

Ch.2 ‘Ukraine imported on average 41.000 cars a year from the EU, 12.9% of the Ukrainian market.’ lol- 41 cars is 12.9% of Ukrainian Vehicle market

Ch.6 ‘Agreement provides for a right of establishment (as opposed to commercial presence) in

services and non-services sectors.’

‘Provisions for domestic regulation, postal and courier services, financial services and telecommunication services will improve transparency and legal certainty for EU investments in Ukraine. The focus here is on “behind the border” issues.e.g. NSA/Stasi

Ch.11 ‘This is the first FTA to include specific provisions on trade related energy issues.’

‘Interrupting transit or taking energy goods from transit that are destined for the other party is prohibited.’ Ukraine can be held accountable for violations of ECT by continued interference w/ transfer of energy supplies to DPR/LPR regions (e.g., coal, bombardment of electrical facilities, etc.) even if DPR/LPR is not a member of the original GATT or ECT treaties.

‘…an unprecedented level of integration… [moving toward an] EU Single Market

Q. With the exit of Britain from the EU, the question remains as to why? A. Austria; Italian market economy needs to be factored in to relevant DCTFA agreements & processes


PDF of EU-Ukraine Association Agreement follows