Resign. Now.

Mothers of the killed during operation in Donbass demand Poroshenko’s resignation

Friday, March 17, 2017 – 18:10

Mothers of servicemen who died in the zone of the power operation in Donbass demand the resignation of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. Several activists of the movement “Mothers – for impeachment Poroshenko” on Wednesday chained themselves with handcuffs to the gates of the administration of the Head of State.

They insist on ending the war in eastern Ukraine. “Those who lost their children in the zone of power operation believe that the war will continue as long as Poroshenko is in power,” the movement’s press release said.

The picketers blocked the Bankovaya Street near the presidential administration and unfurled banners with slogans: “Impeachment to the President!”, “Petro killed our children.” Movement’s leader Natalia Don said during the rally that “the authorities and the Security Service of Ukraine consider the protesters a hand of Moscow.”

“But we have a popular protest, we intend to stand until Poroshenko retires,” she said.

DONi News Agency


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