Ukraine: DPR Has No Rights

Ukraine prepares law legalizing infringement of Donbass residents’ rights

Friday, March 10, 2017 – 17:10

Instead of fulfilling the Minsk Agreements, Ukraine is developing a law that would legitimately infringe on the rights of residents of Donbass, accused of ‘separatism.’

The adoption of the new law was announced by political scientist Stanislav Fedorchuk.

According to him, such a fate awaits the residents of the region if the Ukrainian government is restored there.

“We are preparing a bill related to collaboration. We must put the question once and for all, who are the collaborators, what are the stages of collaborationism, so that this issue will no longer be speculative. I think that for everyone there should be a time frame. That is, infringement of rights means that these people do not have the right to stand for election, vote and take part in any local self-government,” Fedorchuk said.

DONi News Agency


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