Simulation: What in the Fuck Does this Mean Anyway?

(The only 2 compliances to the points in Ukrainian Minsk Accord are 11 & 12. The company in line to repair the damage to the areas being destroyed is the accountable party. OSCE Monitors are protected by point #12. Any compliance to the Memorandum was ‘to set up mission monitors.’ Since the beginning, we shit on any Minsk Accords & all prearranged agreements. – Ed.)

Lugansk Media Centre — Kiev imitates lifting blockade for its own safety

Kiev’s decision to allow transportation of particular goods across the contact line is just a life boat for the Ukrainian government and another simulation of lifting the blockade of Donbass whose residents suffer inhuman Ukrainian policy, said LPR envoy to Minsk negotiations Vladislav Deinego commenting the decision of Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers to allow humanitarian cargo and goods essential for mining, energy and steel industries across the line of contact.

“These attempts to imitate measures to lift the blockade are of anti-people nature. Kiev doesn’t focus on restoration of production, it is interested in stable transportation of certain goods that support their control over situation in Ukraine and postpone their dismissal”.

“Such decisions change nothing; the enterprises in Donbass are being put under external management aiming at the first place to preserve jobs, budget input, social payments, maintaining infrastructure, education, healthcare. ”

LPR law on taxation provides that all non-resident companies who failed to register with LPR tax authorities before March 1, are to be put under receivership (external administration).

LuganskMediaCentre — 01 March — Lugansk


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