‘Kill at Will’ – Trump Approves Drones

Trump has given to CIA ‘full licence to kill’ with drones – Wall Street Journal

Under the new authority, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) would not require permission from the Pentagon or the White House before launching a drone strike for a targeted killing mission. Expanded power to conduct drone strikes was reported by the Wall Street Journal on Monday.

Unnamed US officials claim that President Trump expanded the power to conduct drone strikes from the Pentagon exclusively to the CIA, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday. Trump allegedly granted the CIA this power as early as January 21, one day after his presidency began.

The Pentagon and CIA worked in tandem on drone strikes during the Obama years.

The CIA would use drones and other intelligence tools to locate suspected terrorists and the military would carry out the strike. This combination allowed for greater transparency as the Pentagon was obligated to report most airstrikes. However, the CIA is not held to such standards and some are concerned that allowing the agency to commit strikes of its own could make it a covert military force.

US loosening limits on Pentagon drone raids

The administration of US President Donald Trump is trying to roll back limitations that tie the Pentagon’s hands in carrying out lethal drone strikes around the world, officials say. This was reported by PressTV on Tuesday.

Trump’s experts are in the final stages of reviewing Presidential Policy Guidance (PPG), a series of strict rules on targeted killing operations and drone strikes introduced by former President Barack Obama, The Washington Post reported Monday, citing unnamed US officials.

The new administration seeks to make it easier for the US military to carry out the strikes by reducing the threshold for civilian casualties, according to a senior official.

DONi News Agency

According to: Wall Street Journal, PressTV



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