Greece Recognizes DPR Tragedy

Residents of Greece’s capital hold a meeting in support of Donbass people (PHOTOS)

Tuesday, February 7, 2017 – 18:32

Residents of the capital of Greece held a meeting in support of Donbass people in the central square of Athens, the Syntagma, or Constitution Square situated in front of the building of the Greek parliament, reported the Federation of the LPR Labour Unions (FLU).

The action was organized by the theatrical group 2510 in cooperation with the organization Save Donbass/Greece.

“Our friends and adherents abroad are trying to draw attention of authorities to tragic events in Donbass. It’s no coincidence that such actions take place in central squares, in front of government buildings, as we know that authorities turn a blind eye to the real situation, try not to notice death and sufferings of people in Donbass. From now on they won’t be able to do this anymore. They will have to face truth and recognize crimes committed by the Kiev regime against the people of Donbass!” said the Chairman of the LPR FLU Oleg Akimov.

Participants of the meeting also commemorated passengers and team of the TU-154 plane of the Russian Federation’s Defense Ministry which had wrecked on December 25 in the Black Sea.

“Besides, for a week, from January 26 till February 5, an exhibition devoted to the events in Donbass was taking place in the office of group 2510 in the city-center of Athens. Photos for it were selected during two visits of the organization’s representatives to the territory of Donbass in the fall of 2016,” noted the LPR Federation of Labour Unions.

DONi News Agency


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