Situation critical in Kominternovo, Donetsk People’s Republic [Video] | DONi TV

Situation is very difficult in Kominternovo village. Daniil Bogdan, the war correspondent of the DPR People’s Militia Press service, reports from destruction caused by Ukrainian shelling amongst civilians.

“Overnight two shell-hits of 152 mm and 122mm caliber targeted residential objects. Walls and windows were damaged badly. It’s a miracle that people, who were inside the houses survived and were not wounded. One family moved, but the old lady, hostess of the other house, is still here,” said Daniil Bogdan.

I could hear them closer and closer, that horrible whizz, and after that I don’t remember a thing. The shell targeted my house and that’s all. As I regained consciousness my throat was rasping, I was powdered with wreckage. I moved by touch, got out and, under the shelling, ran to my neighbour’s house. She helped me to wash the dust off, sheltered me for a night, and gave me some sedative pills so I could calm down,” said local old woman.

“There are no words to describe that horrible situation: the shells were hitting the yard in front of the house, the back yard, my garden. The kitchen and garage were also targeted. But as it exploded in the house – it’s a miracle that I survived, people still cannot believe it. So I was praying God for that,” she continued.

“Where do they think they were shooting? There are no soldiers here, only civilian people. And who is going to fix it all for us? Who is going to help us? That Poroshenko?”

DONi News Agency

Video: DPR Ministry of Defense, 3.3.2017



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