Ukraine Abandons Provocation Line

Ukrainian Forces have changed provocation tactics in the frontline – TV Report | DONi TV

The Ukrainian forces continue the provocation aimed at the contact line situation’s destabilization. Luckily for the peaceful citizens, Ukrainians’ residential areas’ shelling decreased. Mainly the Ukrainian forces moved their aggressive provocations to the contact line.

Ukrainian military’s tactic is aimed on making the DPR soldiers conduct the return fire – to accuse them for the Minsk Agreements violation. Lately the radical Ukrainian battalions with this object in mind commit more and more extreme measures.The radicals occupied the grey zone near the Donetsk water filtering station.

“The situation there was as follows: using the fact the DFS wasn’t occupied by anyone, it was taken by the Ukrainian nationalists and after the negotiations they left it,” said Andrey Zabolotsky, the war analyst.

The Ukrainian nationalistic battalions’ soldiers shelled the DPR positions hiding behind the DFS hoping that Republic’s soldiers would conduct the return fire that would result in the DFS breaking. As no response followed, the radicals left the grey zone.

“Finally, the Ukrainian Command was able to expel the radical nationalists from the DFS territory. However, the enemy continue to fortify their trenches near the DFS, that is a considerable violation of the written guarantees given by Ukrainian forces on March 15, 2015, and of the Minsk Agreements,” stated Eduard Basurin, the DPR Operational Command Vice-Commander.

The Ukrainian residential areas shelling decreased, but didn’t stop. Only for the last 24 hours the DPR Operational Command recorded over 900 ceasefire violations. As a result of shelling only in Yasinovataya three block of flats were damaged. The DPR southern localities also underwent shelling.

DONi News Agency

Video: UNION TV, 28.2.2017


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