Union w/ Russia, New People’s Republic Nationalizes Industries

Over 7,000 LPR residents support Donbass Blockade Lifting

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 – 17:05

Over 7,000 LPR residents have gathered at a rally in Lugansk to support the demand voiced by the LPR and DPR Heads that Kiev stops the Donbass transport blockade.

LPR legislators, trade union activists and young people have joined the action.

“We’ve gathered here today to say ‘yes’ to economic integration with Russia and ‘no’ to Ukrainian blockades. “Forever with Russia!” said LPR Trade Union Federation Chairman Oleg Akimov.

“Time has cleared the air; we now see a true friend and the real enemy. It was Ukraine that launched the war against Donbass residents as well as the financial, economic, water-supply and social blockades. It is Ukraine that sabotages the operation of companies that paid taxes to Ukrainian budget.

“On behalf of enterprises’ employees and the LPR Trade Union Federation we support the statement announced by our Republic’s Head Igor Plotnitskiy and DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko.”

“Enough with Ukraine’s sabotaging the Minsk talks, robbing Donbass people and killing us! If Ukraine does not lift the economic blockade, the Republic will be able to keep its workforce together and ensure stable wages and steady operation of our enterprises. Russians don’t leave their people in trouble.

“The proposal brought forward to Ukraine by the Republics’ leaders is absolutely clear and transparent. If Ukraine does not agree to lift the blockade, if it makes companies give up on their workforce, it will be yet another evidence of how it treats Donbass people,” Akimov said.

DONi News Agency



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