Lugansk Comes Under Fire

Kiev military launch nearly 400 projectiles and mortar-shells on LPR territory

Monday, February 27, 2017 – 19:54

Kiev military launched almost 400 projectiles and mortar-shells on the territory of the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR), the LPR Defense Establishment Official Representative, Lieutenant-colonel Andrei Marochko reported on Monday.

He pointed out the situation in the LPR People’s Militia responsibility zone remained tense.

Besides, Marochko reminded that over the past 24 hours Ukrainian military had violated the ceasefire regime seventeen times.

“Ukrainian punishers shelled our units’ positions in the vicinities of the localities of Logvinovo, Lozovoye, Kalinovka, Kalinovo, Molodyezhnoye and Sokolniki,” underlined the Lieutenant-colonel.

“Despite the agreements signed in Minsk the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) applied 122mm artillery, mortars of 120mm and 82mm caliber, IFVs, grenade launchers and small arms. Altogether, onto the territory of the Republic there were launched 390 projectiles and mortar-shells,” specified Marochko.

“The LPR People’s Militia, in its turn, does not weaken its vigilance and pay great attention to security of the Republic,” highlighted the representative of the LPR Defense Establishment.

DONi News Agency


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