Donetsk Comes Under Heavy Mortar Fire

Donetsk civilian district under Ukrainian mortar shelling – Video Report | DONi TV

“We are in the Donetsk Severny locality, it’s in the Donetsk outskirts. On February 26, at 5 pm three mortar rounds of 120mm calibre targeted this very place,” said Mikhail Adronik, the war correspondent of the DPR People’s Militia Office press service.

The part of one of the mortar rounds is still here, we can see it. One of the mortar rounds hit here and two others targeted the territory in front of those houses. The windows were fractured, luckily no wounded were reported. Now we can hear that the artillery shelling is ongoing. According to the direction of the mortar round’s hit we can conclude that it came from the direction of the Old Avdeyevka.

In Privokzalnaya street, 14 – Leonid Radishkevich, the affected citizen of the Donetsk Severniy locality told:

“It happened at about 5.30 pm yesterday, the mortar round hit. Two of them hit the field, one of them hit the yard near the house and one more targeted the wooded area. One mortar round hit the territory right near the house. My garage was damaged. I came out on the street to look how bad it was, and I saw that in the house across the road all the windows were blown out and in our house on the first and second floors too,” he said.

DONi News Agency

Video: DPR Ministry of Defense, 27.2.2017


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