Остановить войну

DPR Citizens: ‘Ukrainians, you are occupants, not liberators – stop the war!’ – Video Report

Saturday, February 18, 2017 – 15:12

Citizens of the Donetsk People’s Republic are sending their video greetings to Ukrainian soldiers, who are attacking and shelling DPR territory every day and night.

“Ukrainian military fellows! Please, listen to your relatives and friends from the DPR about the situation here. Please, stop shell us, stop the war and go back home.”

“Nobody was expecting you here and you have shelled us on May 26, 2014. Go the hell out of here.”

“We are peaceful citizens, we don’t want the war. Let them leave us alone! They don’t need Donbass, they don’t need Donbass people. They say we are separatists, but we are peaceful people and we don’t need this war, but they shell us every day and every night.”

“We are so fed up by Ukrainians, so-called ‘liberators’ that our people rebelled on their own without the help of the Russian military.”

“We want to ask them to stop it, to let us try living on our own. I believe we will manage, because we live in a great Republic.”

“Let them return home, they have nothing to do here, on our territory.”

“We want the government to figure it all out, so fellows wouldn’t die, wives and mothers wouldn’t suffer and so the peace would come to our territory.”

“But after they’ve come here and started to, so to say ‘liberate’ us… I have nothing to say, one have to be an idiot to die in the Poroshenko’s name, to die for Nazism.”

“Please leave Donbass alone!”

“We all want peace, so just stop it all, let’s live without the war.”

“Just go home. If you don’t go here, the other people and the government won’t follow you either.”

“They may give up and come here, because they won’t conquer Donbass, thats for sure.”

“We should stop the war and find a peaceful solution. We should come to the agreement, for it is the highest art. It is easy to shoot, and we need to come to the agreement. It is hard, it takes time, but it is right and fair.”

DONi News Agency

Video: Ministry of Defense, 18.2.2017


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