Аэропорт Донецк: Дом милый дом

Fortress Donbass: Frontline report from the Donetsk Airport

Dmitry Astrakhan, the military correspondent of the DPR People’s Militia Office reports from the Airport of Donetsk, 07.02.2017.

“This is the Donetsk Airport, one of the Republic’s hottest spots. Since 2015 the DPR People’s Militia successfully hold the line here, and during the aggravation period they had been attacked by the Ukrainian forces several times and repelled the assaults,” said Astrakhan.

“It is hot on the contact line now, intensive shelling are ongoing for seven days already, night and day. The fire is conducted not just with the mortars 120 mm calibre, but with the heavy artillery, they shell us from the residential areas, from Avdeyevka and from the Coal Chemical plant side,” said call sign “Bely”, the DPR People’s Militia soldier.

“Before that, six shells came from the temporary occupied Krasnogorovka. From that side the shelling with heavy artillery, namely self-propelled artillery platform, was conducted. Six artillery-hits in the Kievsky district had been recorded. The reconnaissance groups are actively trying to get closer to our positions and we repel them,” he continued.

– Tell me please how is it going with the fighting spirit among our soldiers?

“Everything is alright with the fighting spirit. We have a strong fighting spirit, obviously,” he answered.

“These days the situation is tensed, the shelling from the Ukrainian side become more intense, there are shell-hits in the residential areas, our positions are constantly shelled. The Spartak settlement is fired badly. The fire is conducted more frequently now, the large-calibre artillery is often used,” said call sign “Gara”, the DPR People’s Militia soldier.

“About a week ago, the city was shelled with MRLS “Grad”. From the side of the former military base the fire with self-propelled artillery platforms is conducted on Spartak settlement. The shelling is ongoing every day, but the fighting spirit is on the high level and we are not going to give up Donetsk, we will fight till the end,” he continued.

DONi News Agency

Video: DPR Ministry of Defense, 10.2.2017



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