Being on the Consideration of…

Being on the Consideration of the Word ‘Neo’ used in Conjunction w/ the word Paganism/Knocking on Witches Doors (Pt.1) by Miłość Troska

‘Neo-Pagan’ is in itself, untraditional. It connotates that something about paganism is new, when nothing about paganism is new at all. The only thing that is new about paganism or witchcraft, is the consciousness that the individual achieves. The age itself is modern, but like all Jungian archetypes what is unlocked is only old symbolisms, gestures, signs, etc. It is the decoded message that becomes ‘new’ to the individual, the feelings & sensations new to the person, subject, practitioner of magic, the message being the same, the interpretation of that message being completely subjective & transitional directly to the individual.

To say ‘Neo-Pagan’ suggests that something is new about a pagan. The connotation itself denotes an association with ‘neo-nazi’, ‘neo-con’, or more modernly, ‘neo-ukranian’ etc., indicating some new or new-founded energizing science which is not true at all. Paganism predates X-tianity. To say ‘neo’ is like saying ‘Nemo’, completely Walt Disney and much too post-matrix. More ‘neo’ in itself are these off-shoot x-tian groups that indicate they are the true gospel of the lord jesus christo, bringing truth & food, proffering shelter to those who in need, when all they bring to the individual is an acceptance of his/her misfortune. Churches are enablers of the victim, they do noting at all to progress the subjects life. It is an acceptance of a perverted scripture, the will of 17th century English king. Such ‘neo-xtians’ do not even do the word justice. What seems more ‘neo’ than paganism is Wicca itself. Introductory rites, books, initiations, tools- this is about as ‘neo’ as woman exposing her breasts in public, highly fashionable among feminists these days. (In their defense, it is quite a grand strategy as the cops have be extra careful when removing a topless protester as it become that much more difficult for an officer to grab a breast, cop a feel, etc.) What is even more ‘neo’ even than Wicca itself is that witches felt the need to be recognized and protected with Congressional legislation. Witchcraft holds an unspoken law. Their profession of a faith to Congress is heretical. The only thing ‘neo’ about paganism may be the way it is viewed in the modern age, depending on the culture and content of the times. It comes down to an inability of society to recognize that x-tianity assimilated and enveloped paganism to further subject the will of the people, naming this religion x-tian.

What may in fact be ‘neo’ about the concept of paganism to x-tians is the idea that is does not include violence, no matter what it seems portends. It is their fear, a retarded inversion of a childlike obsession with getting a fucking spanking that keeps people gravitating toward god or religion itself. This is purely relative to the xtian individual or society that can or cannot accept the fact that creationism has nothing to do w/ god. It is a fable, a myth, a children’s story to allow them forgiveness for the murders they create. The violence itself does not stem from paganistic belief or practice, but rather from societies banishment of the person or individuals, a congregated sect that wants nothing to with the rituals it finds are a constant and mundane nuisance to the progression of their individual minds.

Science is still not accepted by the church, so it is an indication that we all may be hung anyhow. X-tianity in itself is not real; all gods have existed & that all gods will continue to exist as long human beings exist, on or off this planet. Paganism is natural, it is spiritual, it comes naturally to the individual, with or without chants, magic wands, invocations; it is pure, it is not forced. Rituals are for showmen, mere mortals wanding a cape in violation of the true spirit.


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