Wear the Hijab

Nigerian court rejects state bid to ban hijab in school

By Rafiu Ajakaye

LAGOS, Nigeria

A court in Lagos on Tuesday threw out a state government motion seeking an injunction to stop the usage of hijab among schoolgirls.

The Court of Appeal rejected the stay of execution filed by the Lagos state government that aimed to prevent Muslims wearing a head covering at schools in the state pending a ruling by the Supreme Court.

Justice Mohamed Lawal Garba said the motion could only be heard by the Supreme Court, which has yet to set a date for the hearing.

“We are unable to entertain this motion… and it is hereby struck out,” he said.

Last July, the state lost a Court of Appeal hearing when the court approved the use of the hijab in school by Muslim students.

The case was brought by the Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria (MSSN) following a state government circular banning its use on the grounds of Nigeria’s secular tradition and the need for uniformity in public schools.

“It gladdens to see that the injunction which the [state government] is using as a basis to deny the implementation of the Court of Appeal judgment has been struck out,” MSSN President Saheed Ashafa said in a statement.

“We hereby urge all stakeholders to be law-abiding for a peaceful implementation of the judgment. There should be no violation of human rights against our students while we expect an immediate implementation of the judgment in all schools across the state.”



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