Violence in Yemen

The BulletinClashes Continue In Yemen A Day After Loyalists Killed 26 |
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Clashes Continue In Yemen A Day After Loyalists Killed 26

Unrest in Yemen

Violence resumes on Monday in the capital of Yemen, Sanaa, after 26 protestors have been killed on Sunday by the security forces during the most serious anti-governmental march in months. Hundreds of protestors were wounded on Sunday as the security forces opened fire on the crowd. Opposition leaders called for new protests on Monday demanding the end of the 33-year rule of Ali Abdullah Saleh, president of one of the poorest countries in the region.

Protestors and defected troops that joined the rebellion seemed to have wanted to advance into the territory controlled by the governmental forces. The troops of general Ali Mohsen, who defected a few months ago and began supporting the anti-Saleh cause, were also there trying to diffuse the situation.

The Yemeni Foreign Minister spoke on Monday before the UN Human Rights Council and said that those who were responsible for the attacks on Sunday will be held accountable.

He added that the government disagrees with all kind of violence, has expressed sorrow for the loss of life on Sunday, and reassured that those who did this would pay for it.

On Monday, Mohsen’s troops seemed to have extended the territory of their camp by one kilometer, fortifying the area with sandbags. The capital of Yemen has been divided for months into checkpoints controlled by either Mohsen’s troops or the loyalists.

With this conquest, the protestors and Mohsen’s troops came within 500 meters of the troops of Ahmed Ali Saleh, the presidential son and the head of the Revolutionary Guard.

Gunfire could be heard in the town of Taiz, where the people held large rallies on Sunday too. In Aden, the southern port, witnesses report that the people were burning cars and blocking the road with rocks because they have been kept without electricity on a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius.

The unrest in Yemen began a few months ago, when the president Saleh was demanded to leave the office. He promised to hold elections at the beginning of the next year, but the people demanded that he left immediately, which he refused.

In June, Saleh was victim to a plot to kill him, and has been since recovering in a hospital in Saudi Arabia.


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