Mexico Gas Price Riots Rage on

Death Toll During Protests Against Gas Price Increase in Mexico Rises to Six

Latin America

19:14 06.01.2017

MEXICO CITY (Sputnik) — At least six people died in Mexico as a result of the unrest that started due to the spike of gas prices, Mexican media reported Friday.

On Thursday, two people died in the state of Hidalgo as the federal police was breaking up the demonstration which blocked a highway. Two more died in the state of Veracruz at the encounter of the police and the crowd looting shops, according to Excelsior outlet.

One more person was reportedly run over by a car in Veracruz while attempting to rob a store and one police officer was killed in Mexico City while trying to confront people attacking a gas station.

Gas prices went up by about 20 percent starting from January 1 in Mexico. This triggered mass unrest and looting of stores in various states in the country. Hundreds of people have been arrested.


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