In the Day of Sorrow (War 1000 Day)

It’s the day of sorrow – 1,000 days of war. Since April of 2014 DPR is in blockade of Ukrainian forces and pronounced by them as the zone of anti-terroristic operation.

The Leningrad blockade during the World War II took less time – 872 days. Then in 1943 German occupants were shelling the city center with long-range weapons. The DPR today lives under the regular shelling by Ukrainian forces. Minsk accords on ceasefire won’t stop the Ukrainian soldiers.

For the last 2016 year, the ceasefire regime was violated by Ukrainian army approximately 150,000 times.

“For the period from January to December of 2016 the amount of the ceasefire regime violations is 143,613 times. Among them from heavy weaponry – 78223 times. The total mass of the shells launched on Republic is 2,000 tons. 820 buildings and infrastructure objects were damaged,” said the Vice-Commander of the Donetsk People’s Militia, Eduard Basurin.

The great amount of the last year shelling took place in December. Eduard Basurin believes that in that way Ukrainian soldiers wanted to gain the salary increase or to get the promotion before the New Year Holidays.

“More than 35,000 violations of the ceasefire regime were detected for the last month. The increasing of the ceasefire regime violations by Ukrainian forces can be explained by the desire of Ukrainian soldiers to gain the financial reward as the war participants,” Basurin said.

Presently, the DPR’s blockade by the Ukrainian forces continues and only for the last 24 hours the ceasefire regime was violated approximately 500 times.

DONi News Agency / 1 Respublinkansky Channel


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